Phnom Penh: Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Winthean said yesterday that the first 19 Kovid vaccines provided by the Chinese government to Cambodia 600,000 doses will be transported by special Chinese aircraft to Phnom Penh this weekend.

Wang spoke through an interpreter during a meeting with vaccinators against Kovid 19 at Preah Keto Mealea Hospital, presided over by Mr. Tea Banh, Minister of National Defense, together with the Minister of Health, as well as many officials and doctors of the Ministry of National Defense.

He said that in response to China's control of 19 Kuwait, China also sent two scientific experts. The team arrived in Cambodia and provided some equipment.

"Currently, although China still has some requirements related to the 19 Kovid vaccine, China has decided Will immediately deliver the first 600,000 doses of Kovid-19 vaccine to Cambodia, which is scheduled for this weekend. Use Chinese special aircraft to transport to Phnom Penh.

The Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia stated: "The steel between China and Cambodia is indeed the deepest and recorded in the history of China and Cambodia.

Four Chinese specialists, a group of military science experts, came to help train Cambodian doctors on how to transport care Save and how to vaccinate Kovid 19 and share the experience to a team of 300 Cambodian doctors.

"I believe that under the efforts of China and Cambodia, China will assist Cambodia in the vaccination process," Wang said. "Kovid 19 will jointly win the Kovid 19 war and help Cambodia recover its economy quickly."

Two refrigerated containers with four refrigerators are ready to transport the 19 Kovid vaccine, which is a dual-function vehicle. Both hot and cold can set the temperature as needed. After inspecting the 19 containers of Kovid vaccine, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Tea Banh told reporters that everyone had seen All in all, these are the preparations for the 19 Kovid vaccine that Cambodia will soon receive from the People's Republic of China. This.

"The most important thing is the transport, the care, until the injection, which is really important," he said. "Very much for this urgent strategic product, which Samdech Techo said was a special commodity."

Tea Banh added that the need for the vaccine is to maintain a constant temperature in storage that does not cause Affecting the quality of the vaccine. The health department of the Ministry of National Defense is preparing to receive 19 Kovid vaccine, which will be transported from the airport to the next Preah Ketomealea Hospital. Will be planning to distribute this vaccine.

"The first 600 doses of the Kovid 19 vaccine will be given to the army in 300,000 doses and Another 300,000 doses were given to the Ministry of Health. For the troops, we will inject them all, then give them to their families and have a series of injections to those around them. They. "We will continue to discuss."

The Chinese government has decided to provide the Cambodian government with 1 million doses of 19 smallpox vaccines called Sinoofam for free injection. The 600,000-dose vaccine will be delivered first, followed by the next.

O Vandin, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, said on February 2, 2021 that vaccinating or receiving Kovid 19 vaccine from China is not It's a matter of Cambodia following the political regime or the politics of China.

"I would like to inform you that the vaccine provided by the People's Republic of China is a vaccine that is making good progress," she said. "The World Health Organization is reviewing all technical documents that have already been inspected for the first time."

She said that as of January 19, 2021, the number of "Sinofam" vaccines in the world had reached 223 million doses. . Pakistan buys 88 million dollars, Middle East 75 million dollars, while Indonesia in Asia has permanent orders Reached 60 million doses. As of February 3, 2021, Cambodia has 466 people with 19 cases of HIV, of which 447 have recovered and are recovering. There are 19 patients.