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CHINA – PAKISTAN: Faced with a locust swarm that threatens to grow crops, China has used a simple and manipulative approach Far more effective than pesticides in eliminating locusts is duck army.

According to Britain's THE INDEPENDENT, that special weapon China will soon send to Pakistan It is about 100,000 herds of ducks that will fight the biggest invasion of locusts. One on regional food security. Ducks are considered to be most effective in this situation.

Since June 2019, in India, Iran and Pakistan there have been alarming presence of locusts . But now the locusts are invading the worst in Pakistan for 20 years. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a state of emergency in early February facing the crisis. The country's wheat crop is in danger.

According to a video published by Chinese television CHANA GLOBAL TELEVISION NEXWORK, about 400 billion locusts fly. Come near the border between Pakistan and China.

In 2000, China recruited duck troops for such threats. In 2000, for example, China deployed 700,000 ducks in Xinjiang to fight an invasion. Of locusts. Studies show that one duck can eat up to 200 locusts a day, which is more effective than most species Chicken. Using ducks is also less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

And Africa is also under threat from locusts and locusts have reached the Democratic Republic. Congo and threatening other African countries. UN gathers force to fight locust swarm in East Africa, with locusts continuing to endanger Other Regions in Africa Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)