BEIJING – China's Wuhan city, where the outbreak of the disease had been diagnosed in 19 years last year, has increased its official death toll by 50 percent, adding an additional 1,229 deaths.

Wuhan officials attributed the new figures to new reports and deaths outside the hospital, according to the BBC's April 17, 2020 report. China insists there is no cover-up.

China has been accused of downplaying the serious condition of its own virus outbreak.

Wuhan's 11 million residents have been spending months in tight conditions in the recently-closed city.

The latest official figures put the death toll in China's central Hebei province at 3,869 and has raised the nation to more than 4,600.

China has confirmed the death of nearly 84,000 cases of acute respiratory infection (KV), the seventh-highest rate worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University data.

The virus has had a major impact on the Chinese economy, which declined for the first time in decades in the first quarter of this year.

In a statement released on Friday, officials in Wuhan said the revised figures were a result of new data obtained from various sources, including records kept at home. Funerals and prisons. Virus-related deaths outside the hospital, such as those who died at home, have not been documented before.