The Chinese government has been providing Detection Reagent COVID-19 virus infected 2,000 people to the Royal Government of Cambodia to fight the deadly disease while the Royal Government of Cambodia decided to host a hotel. Five-star Great Duke, a Chinese investor's hotel, is a hospital for the treatment and treatment of the disease.

The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia on March 17, 2020 announced that the Detection Reagent virus is expected to be carried out in the evening. COVID-19 for 2,000 Chinese assistance to Cambodia will arrive in Phnom Penh by flight.

The Chinese embassy said the aid would be received by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. China will continue to provide assistance in garments, preventative medicine, medical supplies and other equipment, as well as seek to be a catalyst in prevention Will be infected with the virus on the Cambodian side.

The Royal Government of Cambodia, with its Ministry of Health, has issued a report on the fight against the spread of the disease, having decided to use the Great Hotel. Duke, a Chinese investor's hotel, serves as a hospital for the care and treatment of the disease.

According to the notification of the Ministry of Health on March 17, 2020: In the current situation with the global epidemic of Kovid 19 But Cambodia has not yet had an epidemic in our community. All the cases are imported.

With the decision of the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Board of Governors of Phnom Penh Capital City will use the Great Duke Hotel (formerly the Intercontinental Hotel) as a hospital for care and treatment. Treats a patient with a cowboy 19.

In order to avoid further transmission in the community, the Royal Government allowed the Ministry of Health to cooperate with the health forces of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Interior's National Police to work together to fight the disease more effectively 19