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BEIJING, April 16 (Xinhua) – The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday there was no evidence No confirmed virus, which infects more than 2 million people worldwide, has been created in the laboratory According to a Reuters report.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Lijian responded to questions about allegations that the virus had originated. Born in a lab in Wuhan, central China, the first epidemic began in late 2019.

However, Zhao told reporters during a daily press briefing in Beijing that WHO had said much. There is no evidence that the virus was ever created in the laboratory.

Zhao did not directly comment on Trump's comments.

Controversy over the source of the outbreak of the Kov-19 virus continues, with the United States accusing China of being the source. The virus, like US President Donald Trump, said Wednesday that the US government is trying to determine. Whether the virus came from a lab in town Wuhan China and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo also said Beijing "needs to be clean" about what they They know ៕