Two Asian giants, China and India, participated in high-level talks to withdraw from the location where at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed on June 15 in clashes with the People's Liberation Army. . The Indian army announced Tuesday that there is a consensus, but China continues to make demands on the Gavin Valley.

According to Sputnik, on June 25, 2020, a satellite image appeared online Wednesday from the Gavan Valley in Ladakh, which shows the construction of the People's Liberation Army when India and China deploy additional troops in the region.

According to the images and video from the satellite compiled by Nathan Ruser, a satellite imaging expert at the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, the number of Chinese tents and vehicles is within a kilometer of the control limit. Practical reviews. The number has increased from 3 to 46. (1.5% increase) in the last month.

Experts, who compiled the images from May 22 to June 22, claimed that during the same period, the number of Indian construction decreased from 17 to 84, down by 80%.

Update: October