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The signing of the Cambodia-China Business Roundtable on June 9, 2020, concluded. Thirdly, on video. As a result, the meeting finalized the agreement text for both leaders to review and sign the free trade agreement Cambodia and China by the end of 2020.

The third round of talks today was led by Sok Sopheak, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, and China, led by Deputy Prime Minister Yang Zhengwel. Ministry of Commerce. The talks focused on opening up markets for goods, services, investment, economic cooperation, technology and legislation, which will boost exports from Cambodia will attract more foreign investment.

The Ministry of Commerce's press release following the third round of negotiations ended, according to a statement The third round of negotiations is likely to be the last technical round to agree on key principles regarding market opening Also goods and services.

The Ministry of Commerce stated that “the working group will ask for the policy from their respective governments to approve the text of the agreement and Proposals to open markets as well as chapters to make announcements, close deals, and reach free-trade agreements The two countries have reached the end of 2020. ” By: Hi