Svay Rieng Province Governor of Svay Rieng Province appreciated progress in processThe investment of the Chilo Special Economic Zone Company has contributed a great deal to creating many jobs for the people of Svay Rieng.

Men Vibol, Governor of Svay Rieng province, on April 2, 2020, received a gift of GEL (84 bottles of hand sanitizer) for 384 bottles. Sponsored by Xing Pavuor, President of the Chilou Special Economic Zone, Svay Rieng. Svay Rieng.

Speaking on the occasion, the governor expressed his thanks to the President of the Chilean Special Economic Zones. Hand washing disinfectants for Provincial Administration for use in anti-cow disease campaign 19

Provincial governor stressed that even though Svay Rieng province has not yet infected with Kov-19, the provincial administration is still paying attention. At the same time, strengthen the implementation of both prevention and outreach measures to prevent the spread of the disease and under the circumstances of the Royal Government Cambodia Also, Svay Rieng is implementing measures to prevent the spread of the Kovud-19 gift gels of the SEZ. Chili at this time is really important because today's gel or alcohol is like a defensive weapon that you will handle. This gel is for support of the Combat Campaign Combat all Kovite-19 infections at once.

The governor also expressed his appreciation for the recent investment in the Chilo SEZ Company's business. These have a huge contribution to create many jobs for the people of Svay Rieng improve their living conditions. Day by day On behalf of the provincial authorities, the Governor will continue to improve security, security, security, and cooperation in the name of the provincial authorities. Simplify all kinds of corporate investments.

Men Vibol also asked the regional president to continue to join the provincial government as well as the government in the fight against the disease – 19 Particular attention must be paid to the implementation of measures introduced by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training to ensure better welfare. You kaunokmuoy workers who are employed in the factories in special economic zones, Qi Lu.: Hawaii Costa