Takeo: Meet with newlyweds and traineesAs new National Police Chief in Takeo province, Lieutenant General Sok Samnang urges high regard for the discipline of the organization Largely because the police force, which is disciplined and obeys the rules, is a fair police officer who values ​​his service to the people. Protect the monarchy Protect the ruling leaders Elected by direct state.

It was said that the commissioner had a meeting with the students and students who had just passed the exam. On the morning of February 21, 2020, the National Police Commissioner of the Takeo Provincial Police Commissariat

General Sok Samnang said that the national police play an important role in maintaining order and security in the community. Good order, especially in a safe, communal village where the people are absolutely free from robbery and gang robbery Drugs. And for the role of the National Curriculum to be done, the trainees will be sent to the National Training Center. A third in Triangle to study for the four months to become fully national will be branded Ngappunhith is an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Commissioner stressed that while the trainees were studying, they had to be trained by a vocational trainer to receive a diploma. Good things come back to work for the commissioner, with the merit and honor of which he will propose to go over to Do a commendation to encourage the strength of our kingdom Efforts to Fulfill Its Good Work By: Takeo