Phnom Penh: Indigenous forest protection activist Chhorn Phalla reaffirmed at a press conference on July 16: He was beaten in a public forum organized by Lumphat district authorities and demanded that Intervenes from Prime Minister Hun Sen to seek justice after authorities and provincial police denied the allegations This.

Chhorn Phalla, an ethnic Tampuan in Samuth Krom village, Seda commune, Lumphat district, still claims that he was beaten There were injuries and bruises all over his body on July 8 in a forum organized by officials and citizens organized by the district administration. Disappeared.

He said the beating was out of anger that he had filed a series of defamation lawsuits against officials and citizens. Conspiracy to deforest and illegal encroachment on Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary and ethnic community forest land Indigenous peoples, which are rotating plantations, residential lands, reserved lands, burial forests and demonic lands for sacrifices.

Mr. Phalla stated that the beating took place in a forum where both officials and citizens mentioned his name. Be the main subject and when you answer that you only sue the perpetrators who encroach on forest land that is prohibited by the state.

Mr. Phalla wants the relevant ministries, especially the Prime Minister, to help find justice, saying that he is a citizen who follows the words of Mr. Hun Sen. Ask citizens to participate in protecting natural resources from being lost.

He said: "When I came up to respond, then suddenly someone came to hit me and I ran and thought If I run home, I will not be able to run, so I just run to the authorities, I run to Nou Ther (Lumphat District Governor) "Once."

Mr. Phalla's press conference came after Lumphat district governor Nou Ther issued a letter denying that Mr. Phalla was wrong. The subject was disturbed in the forum and took photos without permission, so the people confiscated their phones. Save.

Ratanakkiri provincial police chief also reported to the National Police that Mr. Phalla had spoken at a defamation forum accusing citizens and Authorities angered protesters, causing riots at the ceremony and were stopped by authorities to restore order.

Ny Sokha, head of Adhoc's land rights unit, said that if the use of violence against forest protection activists was not investigated To seek justice will make other citizens no longer dare to participate in protecting the forest.

"I understand that from now on, the protectors of the forest and the protection of natural resources will no longer dare to come forward to defend, because if they go out to protect, He was abused and there was no accountability for him, so it is a bad thing and I do not think the government will ignore it. In that story.

But Jean Malin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice and spokesman for the Cambodian National Human Rights Commission, said that Local officials are not violent cases, but because the people could not control their anger, there were clashes between the people. And people only.

"But from a legal point of view, it is he who claims to have a clear basis on whether he was actually abused or not," he said. Victims of violence may have the right to file a lawsuit to provide clear evidence and evidence that a crime has occurred. "Holding a conference is a common thing and a political thing that activists often do for political gain."