Kompong Speu: Get involved with a Facebook social network player Unrest caused by the spread of false information, manipulation, edit photo image Police force enforcement of the traffic law: Police Kompong Speu Summoned a Youth for Education Training Citizens a Afore- stop sharing false information to avoid confusion, undermine the honor and dignity of the forces, officials said.

On May 5, 2020, the Kompong Speu Provincial Police Commissariat informs the public of the popular social network Facebook All of us know that in recent times, some Facebook users have been creating chaos through Facebook. Editing pseudonyms, editing, editing p Police force enforces traffic law enforcement, especially the implementation of sub-decree 39 on fines for traffic offenses Also, it is easy for the Cambodian government to legislate to serve and protect order in society. Might be a society of honor ethical compliance as greater freedom to live in harmony.

The following video clip testifies to deliberate wrongdoing, lack of critical thinking, and a sense of inadequacy. Kampong Speu Provincial Music Youth apologizes and urges Cambodians to refrain from sharing misinformation Touch To honor the dignity of the forces of civil servants, leaders of all levels who sacrificed their strength in the cause of patriotism Peace under the shade of a single roof ៕ By: Col