Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Deputy Inspector General of Police, General Chhay Sinarith said, “Investigation into crimes related to technology system The new is no ordinary fight, ”as technology advances, requiring law enforcement officials to improve their capabilities Keep up Improve.

Chhay Sinarith's statement was made at the opening of the training course on "Procedures for Research and Crackdown Technology breach ”at the Ministry of Interior on Monday under the joint cooperation of Police of the Cambodian Anti-Crime Department and Singapore Police.

In front of 80 trainees, all of whom are expert police officers from the Anti-Technology and Anti-Gambling Departments Of the National Police Commissariat, Sinarith said that technology is changing the lives of people and society everywhere in the world. The Internet is also an essential part of daily life that can be considered the heart of modern civilization. And the investigation of crimes involving technology in the modern age is not a fight " Too simple. ”

“The technology is growing, the fight against technology crimes is getting more and more complicated, which requires law enforcement officials to be. Make every effort to improve your cognitive ability.

Regarding the issue, Chea Pov, director of the Anti-technology Department, told the Post yesterday that the training lasted five. Day (February 24-28) with a focus on investigative procedures, searching for evidence related to technology offenses Have the police officers take them In strengthening its capabilities in the framework of high efficient and this is the first training course for the year.

“Through our experienced trainers investigating and cracking down on technology crime from Singapore, we hope that police officers Our specialists will strive to gain new experiences and knowledge on the evolution of technology to enhance personal capacity in Wine work Researchers investigating offenses involving the highly efficient technology.

For the first day of the session, a lecturer from Singapore cited his research experience. And crack down on technology crime in Singapore to share with participants and the next day all participants will learn about the research procedure Control and currents Crypto currency, social fraud scams, cybercrime investigations, search and proof investigations In Electronics and Practicality ៕