Kampong Speu: Kampong Speu Provincial Police Commissioner on Tuesday Kampong Speu Provincial Police Commissioner Against Economic Crimes and Counter-Terrorism in Operation to Suppress Forest Crimes in Oral District Twice Of a moss-growing wood trader named Choeung Theng, who confiscated 30 wooden artifacts and 161 pieces, three cars, an excavator and some other items. He continued, "Reserve wood, ride in a container, walk around without fear, don't give up."

It should be noted that on July 10, 2020, the Economic Crime Police Force cooperated with the relevant specialized forces led by HE Sok Phea, Deputy Governor, and coordinated by Mr. Vy Deputy Prosecutor on behalf of Ms. Chat Sorasmey, Prosecutor of Kampong Speu Provincial Prosecutor's Office, inspected the location of the stolen wood Illegal “illegal timber stockpile” at plantation land in Dambang Venh village, Sangke Satop commune, Oral district, owned by a timber trader Choeung Theng, a 42-year-old man from Phsar Kantuot village, Sangke Satop commune, Oral district, was involved in Transporting non-timber forest products, destroying bridges in Kampot province and having been imprisoned in the past (currently escaping).

Mr. Sam Samon, Provincial Police Commissioner, said that as a result, 30 trees were found hidden in the pond. A case is being prepared to continue the proceedings.

Expert operation continues to investigate until July 13, 2020 at a point other than Choeung Theng's plantation in another plantation Svay Chanthy, about 1 km away, in Dambang Venh village, Sangke Satop commune, Oral district, the police force against economic crime, the police force Anti-terrorism and transnational crime in Kampong Speu province, Oral district police inspectorate cracked down on specific locations. As a result, 161 pieces of chisel wood were found, a 20-foot container truck, two cars and an excavator were seized. Load wood in a container and a motorbike.
At present, all exhibits have been handed over to the environmental experts of Phnom Prey Oral Wildlife Sanctuary for further proceedings.By: Kolap