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The Chinese Ceremony of Cheng Meng, or Cheng Meng, is celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer ethnic Chinese Every year in April, in honor of their ancestors or relatives who passed away An important event in the Chinese-Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese and Chinese customary beliefs

Ceremonies are usually on April 4 or 5, but for Chinese, Vietnamese families And a number of Chinese monks have set the date for the dedication of the tomb according to its suitability.

On the eve of the ceremony, the children are often brought in to clean the graves, and on the day of rest, the family is taken Young and old, men and women, came together to the side of the tomb; Calm pigs, bananas, bananas and other foods, including drinks, orange juice, beer Only paper, gold, silver, paper, clothing, utensils made of burnt paper for ancestors, parents, grandparents Myanmar seven relatives.

At the same time, the healing of the water on the graves was cool, and the surviving relatives of the relatives came together. Burning incense, wishing prayers, the patriarchs helping their backs, keeping their children healthy Getting food comes when the fields are cool, healthy and healthy. San Sarin