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The body of a five-month-old pregnant woman was found dead in a bathroom accident. She slipped on a cellphone, a phone charger, watched a movie and a laundry detergent, and passed on the electricity, causing both deaths. People, mothers and children in the womb No one knew when it was until a sister called and didn't come Look at the rented room and see her lying face down in the bathroom.

The case was triggered at 4:30 pm on June 2, 2020 at the ground floor rental. 1, # 462, Monivong Blvd (the main gate), 12 villages in Tonle Bassac commune, Chamkarmon district. According to police, the victim, Roehy Thi, 37, was a widow and was widowed. 2 people (3 children in the womb) stay in the rented apartment above the hometown of Prek Krab village, Prek Ampil district Central Sand, Kandal Province.

Prior to the incident, the victim's sister had called her several times, but never entered Suspicious, she came to the room, found the door closed and the key hidden inside without knocking. Answer and open the door. According to the source, the sister immediately called a neighbor to help her look and knock on the door Apparently, she found her lying face down, hugging the power cord, the phone charger in the bathroom, and was gone. Life goes by, and no one knows how long it has been And report to the local task force to find out.

2-month-old mother of two has been divorced from her home for 4 to 5 months And leaving the other child as their third child in just five months, was left alone in the room. This happened. Related to electric shock in 5-month-old pregnant woman's death – mother and child But she grabbed a cellphone battery charger to take a look at the bathroom and laundry. This happened.

After a basic task force, the scene and medical examination of the body of the pregnant woman Five months on, both the mother and child confirmed that the victim had actually died from shock The bathroom faucet was actually handed over to the family for a traditional holiday home ៕ By: Phil