Svay Rieng Province To prevent and prevent the spread of Covid-19 Chantrea and Bavet district administration must cooperate with all relevant officials to be disseminated in the village and in the backyard for the people. Understand and take part in preventing this disease.

Funds and Medical Supplies Donated by Gen. Meng Samphan, President of the Royal Government's Task Force to Bavet City and Chantrea District Mon was sent by Lieutenant General Rath Mony, Deputy Director of the Royal Government's Task Force to the two districts. Both on the morning of May 5th 2020 for use by the communes to fight for Disease Prevention and COR 19.

Lt. Gen. Roth Mony sent security inquiries to Lt. Gen. Sam Samphan and Mrs. Yeam Mon He always reminded citizens and officials of the three types of forces in Chantrea and Bavet districts.

He added that to prevent and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Chantrea and Bavet district governments must cooperate with relevant officials. All are to be disseminated in the villages and in the homes so that people can understand and participate in prevention of the disease .

He also stated that people should wash their hands with soap and gel regularly. Avoid hand-wringing, use masks to wear in town, keep a 2-meter gap, and monitor health. Cough is not too hot Call your local health and outpatient department or call 115 for proper checkup and do not go for medical services In private clinics without permission.

He added that the commune, village, commune and commune authorities must clearly monitor and capture the statistics of people coming to the area, especially those who have been returning Returning from overseas and reporting daily to provincial and district levels, in particular, to educate them to understand and implement consistent measures. Of putting themselves After the 14-day quarantine at home, individually and in case of doubt to take him to examine and treat immediately.

Donations by Gen. Sam Samphan and her gifts to Chantrea and Bavet district administration, including petrol, krama, alcohol and One bottle of alcohol and one district-city budget gets KHR 2,900,000, with total expenditure of both cities and districts totaling 33,632,000 ៕ By: Waiko