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Phnom Penh: Unlike the rest of the ring, one match was immediately preceded by another match-up with Kov-19. Do not allow fans to see Channel 5 continue to close, not sure when it will open The seventh-round championship was closed, with no difference in terms of finals.

Recall that a time ago, the Boxing Federation of Cambodia held a meeting to require all TV stations, that is, weekly boxing programs. Oh, you have to shut down because this fight will give boxing lovers and players their own opportunity to get infected D-19 As this decision is requested.

The Federation later decided that the television series could reopen the boxing, but did not allow the spectators to be allowed. Only players and commissions. That's why some of the ring, including Channel 5, have reopened. Of all the rings, only Channel 5 was open and closed, seeing as the ring appeared to be open. The door to end the seventh-season championship was suspended during the Ivory Coast season to finish.

So far, more than three weeks have passed since the ring did not seem to have a clue, while the ring was full. Claims that it's difficult to reopen because most players aren't as easy to find and at the same time the Spurs side doesn't want to Proceed. A source from the organization claims that Spencer wanted to keep the ban from going to the theater to open. As the organizers also revealed, the new season's championship won't work in the players As many as 32 players are inadequate due to some shortage of players and 32 wants. The new season is a difficult one.

Organizer Sengkika confirmed that the entire arena would be closed until the selection of available competitors was completed. The same kilo reopens the game. He said the decision was aimed at curbing the spread of the previously unsuccessful Ivory-19 virus; Because he did not want to open in such a closed state. He is unsure when it will work, but is burning his arms and negotiating with his partner Spencer. As soon as possible.

Channel 5's boxing aide, Oella, claims his organization has decided to close the fight and has not yet opened because Only the above reasons. He said the new closure would certainly affect all boxing-related sectors, but said this would be the case. It's a global issue, and Channel 5 doesn't want to open the new season in silence.

He said his organization's match was not a friendly match, but a championship match, so he did not want it The game takes place in a state of almost daily unrest. He said the match would not look good as the players were not exhausted for this reason. He urges affected players not to give up training, let alone strength and ability, and he urges owners. All the spheres continue their support in this area, especially as the fight progresses. (Edited by: Bopha)