PHNOM PENH – Announcements on the condition of the disease has been carried out overnight sinceThe disease has returned to the public in the morning, starting from 9:00 am to 10:00 am .

The Ministry of Health on March 27, 2020 reaffirmed the number of cases undergoing treatment and recovery as of March 26, 2020 There are a total of 11 healers (one Chinese man, one British woman, and 9 Cambodian men). You have a total of 87 confirmed HIV infections One person (24 women and 63 men) and a total of 98 HIV positive persons (25 women and 73 men) ).

The Ministry receives results from the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge every night between 20 and 21 am every day because of the required There are two to three tests in some cases to confirm the validity of the results and the Ministry of Health's notification of the results. In the past, cases of the HIV virus in Cambodia have been reported Each night of the public to receive information immediately after receiving the results from the Pasteur Institute of Cambodia. By: Kolab