Cellcard has recently stepped up its plans to provide gaming community with a gaming platform while Cambodians are being urged to stay indoors. During this difficult situation.

PlayGame is the first virtual gaming platform in the country that enables people of all ages to play their favorite games on a smartphone and even win prizes.

Young people all over Cambodia can join the forum by playing the PlayGame app on the iOS and Android app stores.

Users of all mobile networks can pay for services using Cellcard Scratch Cards or online recharge. Gamers will be given a variety of options, such as playing alone, playing with friends or playing with others. More specifically, those in the top rankings will receive bonuses that will automatically be credited into their PlayGame account, and those rewards can also be cash deducted through WING. .

Cellcard CEO Ian Watson said that PlayGame is one of the most exciting offerings in the Cellcard's strategy of supporting and expanding the gaming industry.

Mr Watson said: "We decided to launch the project earlier than expected because we wanted to help young people enjoy the fun after school and be able to communicate with each other. Online security. ”

“PlayGame offers all kinds of games for all young people, including professional electronic players, regular players and players who just want to enjoy video games. Easy games, and so forth.

Gaming fans can even enjoy competing for a variety of great prizes, including up to $ 1,000 for the most popular game genres such as PUBG, Mobile Legends and Rules of Survival. .

The PlayGame platform will give Cellcard the opportunity to host large-scale online e-sports events with the participation of Game Infuencers in the gaming industry and popular online broadcasters in the region. Cambodia too.

Watson said: “PlayGame is a great source of entertainment that allows the gaming community across Cambodia to gather, chat, or enhance their gaming skills to become professional electronic players. Orange Esports.