Phnom Penh: With the advent of innovation on February 10, 2020, Cellcard has launched the iKnow iKnow App, a one-year scholarship program, to offer scholarships to Cambodian students. The three leading universities in Cambodia.

This fun, innovative program combines digital technology to inspire and encourage students to work hard to become better educated and to become better students. Well-known universities include National University of Management (NUM), Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC), and the University of Cambodia (UC).

All iKnow iKnow users will have the opportunity to win five annual scholarships each week. The company also offers one Yamaha QBIX 2020 monthly prize for six months.

The launch event included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Cellcard and the three universities. The guests of honor were:
បណ្ឌិត Professor Seng Bunthoeun, Rector of the National University of Management
កុ Dr. Kol Pheng, Rector of Pannasastra University of Cambodia
● Dr. Nixon, Vice President of School Affairs, University of Cambodia

Cellcard CEO Ian Watson said the partnership with the top three universities was a great success for his team as they always strive to bring the best rewards possible. Customers through the promotion are available every year.

Mr Watson went on to say that '<កម្មវិធី iKnow iKnow App គឺជាមធ្យោបាយ ដ៏វិសេសបំផុតមួយ សម្រាប់សែលកាត ក្នុងការជួយគាំទ្រ ទៅដល់សិស្សនិស្សិត ឱ្យពួកគេទទួលបាន ភាពសប្បាយរីករាយ ក្នុងការសិក្សា ហើយមានលក្ខណៈ សមស្របទៅតាមជីវិតបែបឌីជីថល របស់ពួកគេផ្ទាល់ផងដែរ។ សិស្សនិស្សិតភាគច្រើន ក្នុងសម័យនេះ សុទ្ធតែមានស្មាតហ្វូន សម្រាប់ប្រើប្រាស់ផ្ទាល់ខ្លួន ហើយពួកគេថែមទាំង មានបទពិសោធន៍ច្បាស់លាស់ ក្នុងការប្រើប្រាស់វា ដើម្បីសិក្សាស្រាវជ្រាវ និងចែករំលែកឯកសារ ជាមួយមិត្តរួមថ្នាក់។ ដូច្នេះកម្មវិធី iKnow iKnow នឹងជួយជម្រុញបន្ថែម ដល់ការសិក្សា តាមបែបឌីជីថលរបស់ពួកគេ ហើយថែមទាំងមាន ផ្តល់ជូនរង្វាន់លើកទឹកចិត្តទៀតផង។>>

Watson said Cellcard has been actively involved in promoting the development of Cambodia over the past two decades, and education is considered one of the most important.

He said: '<កម្មវិធី iKnow iKnow App នឹងជួយដល់ភាពរីកចម្រើន និងការអភិវឌ្ឍនៃចិត្តគំនិត របស់យុវជនកម្ពុជា ដើម្បីធានាថាប្រទេសជាតិ នឹងរីកចម្រើនទៅថ្ងៃអនាគត។>>

IKnow is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Khmer youth and students, especially from grade 9 to 12, can use this program to access school programs anytime and anywhere. All courses offered on iKnow iKnow are fully compliant with Cambodia's national curriculum.

The theme is especially aimed at young people, with its Sound Effect and Emoji graphics, along with easy-to-use and even fun apps.
You can download the app on both iOS and Android app stores. Students can subscribe to the unlimited plan to handle the correct answer choices at only 30c per week.