Phnom Penh: Cellcard recently found a lucky customer to win a prize of US $ 20,000 by holding a prize giving ceremony on July 17, 2020 at Cellcard Headquarters. Mr. Khov Chiseng, a trader living in O Bek Kam village, Sangkat Or Bek Kam, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

In a conversation with the Cellcard team, Mr. Khov Chiseng said that by just sending a simple 10k message to 8888 to win prizes every day, he became one of the lucky ones. On this occasion, Mr. Khov Chiseng expressed his overjoyed to win a huge cash prize from Cellcard up to 20,000 USD, which made him very happy to find something to comment on. Yes.

According to the Cellcard team, the giveaway to our lucky customers now is a clear demonstration of the real, non-fraudulent winnings for Cellcard customers.

The prize giveaway is real and non-fraudulent to Cellcard customers who participate in the “Win ​​$ 10,000 Daily Cash” program, where the company will spin a 6-digit lucky code to find you. The lucky winner of $ 10,000 every day will be broadcast live on CTN every day at 7pm and on Cellcard's YouTube page.

Please note that to this day, CellCard continues to give away prizes in all provinces and cities to all customers who support and use the number one mobile phone service in Cambodia. Cellcard users have been continuing to play with the "Win $ 10,000 every day" program.

To win $ 10,000 daily prize from Cellcard, just text "10K" to "8888" or call "8888" and you will receive a return message. Comes with a lucky code and please save the message for verification. By: Darat