The Club of Cambodian Journalists has asked journalists to be ethical To the utmost respect the privacy of persons infected with the Kovirus 19, without disclosing their identities.

According to the Cambodian Journalists Club's call to the media on March 18, 2020, the press has been playing an important role in Providing real information to the people and recognizing that the Covid-19 issue is an important issue that requires all parties involved as well as every citizen to participate In prevention To prevent and spread community outreach, as well as to prevent discrimination against Cambodian Journalists Club, calls on all journalists. Careers in Cambodia Please pay attention to the following points:

Firstly, please report any relevant Covid-19 issues in line with medical techniques, based on expert explanation or On proper scientific research to avoid misleading information, people are confused about Covid-19.

Second, be extremely ethical in respect of the privacy of those infected with Covid-19 virus Theirs, whether they are foreigners or Khmer, unless he is a prominent public person, which the Ministry of Health officially declares or The self-proclaimed publicist.

Thirdly, please report any cases of Covid-19 virus infection that avoids any use of the words or expressions that may cause the Discrimination or discrimination against any person or community.

Fourth: Please ensure all journalists adhere to the Covid-19 virus cleanliness guidelines and procedures. Constant, both in the workplace and in communicating with others, especially when going to and from work. Which is highly risky.

The Club of Cambodian Journalists hopes that all journalists will use their roles responsibly in terms of ethics, journalism and standards. Also medical techniques to ensure that the media has done a good job of providing factual, false and non-discriminatory information for the benefit of the people. Piped to the general public as well as beneficial for society as a whole.

Club of Cambodian Journalists Seek to Prevent and Combat Covid-19 Effectively Until Every Citizen Has Clear Information on Covid-19 About how to protect yourself and participate in the fight against the virus responsibly, not panic. Or discrimination. In this context, the press plays a vital role in the fight against Covid-19, a major global challenge. Collectively, each country speaks separately, including Cambodia.

The Club of Cambodian Journalists wishes to wish all journalists the success of their mission to bring the message of truth to the people and to society as a whole Get rid of the Covid-19 ៕ virus infection by: Kolab