Takeo: About 93 workers were seriously and lightly injured after their car overturned in a field in Trapeang village Krasaing, Kandeung commune, Bati district, Takeo province, at more than 6 am yesterday while it was raining. According to local police officers.

Kandeung commune police chief Hang Vorn told the Post that the workers in the car worked at Lin's shoe factory. Wen Chih Sunbow Enterprises Co., – Ltd is located in Siem Reap Commune, Kandal Steung District, Kandal Province. The victim and the driver, Try Seng, 42, suffered minor injuries and were taken to Bati District Referral Hospital and Clinic. Some nearby to treat injuries.

"Seven of the injured workers were seriously injured and were taken to hospital by medical staff," Von said. Bati district referral to Takeo Provincial Hospital.

According to Mr. Vorn, the accident was caused by the condition of the narrow road, which was slippery when it rained. At this time, the competent experts towed the car to be temporarily stored at the Bati District Police Inspectorate to wait for a solution between the parties Workers and car owners.

So far, however, most workers have been referred to Bati District Referral Hospital and private clinics that partner with The Social Security System (NSF) has returned to normal. This is according to Mr. Moeung Viriya, director of the Takeo Provincial Labor Department.

He said that after receiving this information, he led a team to help transport the victims to hospitals and private clinics. Partner. Of these, 80 workers were sent to Bati District Referral Hospital, 6 to private clinics that are partners of the SPF. And 7 others who were seriously injured were taken to Takeo Provincial Hospital.

"At the moment, 86 workers who suffered minor skin injuries have returned to normal after receiving treatment," Viriya said. Washed and treated with injections and serum suspension from a team of doctors.

"Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) they can go back to work."

According to Mr. Viriya, the seven workers who were sent to Takeo Provincial Hospital are still unaware of the actual condition of their injuries. Certainly not yet, and doctors are continuing to monitor and x-ray.

However, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Nuth Sinath, Director of Takeo Provincial Health Department, who inspected the situation and visited the workers. The provincial hospital told the Post that they had recovered and that only two victims were being treated. Surgery performed by a team of specialist doctors.

"Five of the patients who suffered minor injuries have recovered, but two others who were examined," Sinath said. "There is a broken nose and a broken wrist. He is under surgery and will take a long time to heal." .

Regarding this case, the administrative staff of Lin Wen Chih Sunbow Enterprises Co., Ltd, Ms. Kong Chanmonyphal, told the Post that this is In case of work accident because the worker traveled from home to work, so the cost of medical treatment is the burden of the UN because the factory An agreement with the PRC has already been reached.

Ms. Mony Phal continued: "At this time, our factory workers are working together with the UN staff to list the workers. Injuries. For those who are seriously injured, the factory will allow them to continue their treatment according to the actual situation. For those with minor injuries, let them return to work on Wednesday.

Please note that Takeo Provincial Governor Mr. Ouch Phea also visited and gave some gifts to the injured workers to the hospital yesterday. With that, he advised the factory to allow them a day off for those with minor injuries and according to the reality of Serious injuries without deduction of wages and other benefits.