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Unlike disinfectants or other preservatives, there are no reports or resistance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Of course, the more accurate you are, the easier it will be to die.

Does hand sanitizer or alcohol dry your hands or dull skin when applying lotion? Alcohol-based hand sanitizer should not be able to dry your hands if used correctly. Some may also be familiar with alcoholic products that do not contain skin softeners.

Today, hand sanitizers contain softening agents that help prevent dryness. Among the studies published, there were also several reports that nurses who used alcohol regularly had skin irritation and dry skin. Fewer than those who use soap and water.

The skin may have some scars if they are sharp or discolored. Such areas should be covered by waterproofing. And allergic contact dermatitis due to alcohol-based hand washing is rare. (Source: Health.com.kh) (Editing by: Bopha)