Phnom Penh: Although some businesses and investments in Cambodia face problemsDespite the Kovid-19 virus, some local companies continue to spend their time and resources on pre-planned business plans. Outbreak of the virus.

Such as the business project of Kirisu Farm (Kirisu Farm), a dairy farm and a milk processing plant that uses new technology. The latest in Takeo, which has undergone many years of development. The farm plans to accelerate production activities in early 2020 with the goal of supplying the purest natural milk for Cambodians. The end of the year.

Standing next to 550 Holstein heifers imported from Australia in February, March and April, Khmer Fresh CEO Chhor Rithy Milk Co., Ltd. "We are delighted to have imported 550 world-class Holstein heifers," explained the farm operator. Cambodia from Australia. So far, the cows we have imported have adapted well to the new environment and are healthy in Our farm built with modern technology »

Mr. Rithy added: “We would like to thank the Royal Government of Cambodia for making it easy for us to import all the cows. Come to Cambodia. Due to the Kovid-19 problem, we encountered some difficulties when a group of top international planting and technology experts entered. Come to Cambodia. We would also like to thank the Royal Government for facilitating the issuance of visas to our international team. We are very happy that our work is still going according to plan and we are really proud that we were able to achieve almost everything as planned. "We planned before Kovid-19."

This 300-hectare farm is located in the Tamao Valley in Takeo Province, more than 30 kilometers south of Phnom Penh. The farm has fresh air, fertile soil and good tranquility, which is conducive to raising all the newly imported cows. These cows eat corn, beans and other grasses such as Stylo, Mombasa, which are grown and processed on the farm.

Khmer Fresh Milk was formed through a partnership between Singapore-based Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar Development Fund II, represented by Emerging Markets Investment Advisers (EMIA). , Singapore-based Japan Nexasia Foundation and a group of highly successful founders, including Cambodian and Israeli entrepreneurs.

The technology partner is Israel's Afimilk. Afimilk is one of the largest suppliers of technology and management of dairy farms in the world.

Afimilk has had many successes in setting up and managing similar business projects worldwide, as well as projects in Vietnam, Bangladesh. White and Chinese.

The company uses the latest technology and environmental protection principles to ensure that its farms run sustainably and its dairy products are safe. Manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards to ensure both hygiene and product quality.

Chi Sela, co-founder of Khmer Fresh Milk, said that despite concerns about the impact of Virukovid-19 on health and prosperity in In Cambodia, however, the farm team has never considered delaying the launch of this business project, and has set new standards for Agriculture and better nutrition in Cambodia.

Mr. Sela said: “Kirisu Farm has a long-term vision to bring in pure natural milk, agricultural techniques and food processing. The world is coming to Cambodia and we are not thinking about profits for a moment. We bring state-of-the-art technology and we are working with Israeli agricultural experts on dairy farming and farming. In the world to help us grow, how to take care of the health of cows and process 100% natural milk from Kiri Sour Farm ( Kirisu Farm) to high quality according to this international standard.

Most of the farm's staff are locals, and the company says it will distribute free milk. Fees from the farm to families and local government officials to help with the impact of the Kovid-19 crisis and to Thanks to the local people who have supported this farm.

"For me, this is happiness and a hope, and I really want to see a smile on my face," said Chi Sela. When they first taste pure milk. This milk tastes different from the milk sold in Cambodia in the past.

"We feed these cows locally grown grain to supplement the feed grown in the area," said Seila. On the farm itself and the milk here is processed at our state-of-the-art factory. So we can make the purest milk that Cambodians have ever tasted before and sell it in Phnom Penh. And across the country in just a few hours. ”

Kirisu Farm Products to Sell Its Pure Natural Milk and Fresh Yogurt at Minimart Restaurant And cafes in the near future.