The Republic of Korea: On the morning of February 4, 2020, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Hashimoto Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia attends the World Summit 2020 Assembly, Seoul Korea The meeting was attended by leaders from many countries in the world.

Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, was invited to attend the 100th World Congress and the 100th International Summit of the World Council for Peace. Samdech Techo thanked the people and government of the Republic of Korea and the United Nations World Peace Organization (UPF) for their strong support. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Cambodian delegation and delegation.

The Prime Minister said the summit is an important forum that creates opportunities for leaders from all walks of life. Both the government and non-government organizations discuss and exchange views on regional and global development to contribute to the issue of alcohol. Given our common challenge, we aim to maintain peace of mind B and the sustainability of human development for the world.

He added that the theme of this forum is very important and necessary as all the people of the world today are facing problems. Many are harming and threatening the peace, economic growth, prosperity and harmony of the world. It is an important pillar of development. But the current global peace remains fragile due to the development of a multi-polar framework, competitive advantage and balanced adjustment. The Nazis.

For his country, which has experienced war and devastation, many of them felt that peace was worthless. It is non-negotiable. Everything that Cambodia has achieved so far, both development and prosperity, is the fruit of peace. At the same time, the Royal Government has realized that maintaining peace is indispensable to providing equal opportunity for all people. The fruits of economic development, as well as the development of human resources, are becoming increasingly viable resources. In this sense, the Prime Minister said that since Cambodia received full peace in the country in 1998, the Royal Government Cambodia always pays attention to human resource development, putting human resources development first among the priorities. All the colors. On this basis, the Royal Government of Cambodia has undertaken deep reforms in the education sector to strengthen the quality of education and to expand education services to access resources. Qualitative people for supporting decision-making in Cambodia: Long-term Cambodia. The Royal Government will continue to focus on education sector as a high priority sector and will continue to increase its funding budget. More on that later. This expenditure is focused on the construction of the school, the school process, and the improvement of the quality of the exams at all levels. New Directions Strengthening the Study of Technical Skills in High School General Knowledge and Techniques in Science Science and math will provide scholarships to students Poor students of all levels.

Samdech Techo added that the Royal Government will continue to strengthen and develop a higher level of education towards research and innovation. The ability and skills of the Cambodian People to adapt to the new context of development, especially the strengthening of the The ability to organize new business models and to capture the moment From the fourth industrial revolution and the emerging digital economy.

Based on this experience and on behalf of Cambodian leaders who have gone through the war personally and made efforts to find peace for a small country Peace building and maintenance are priceless, and peace is fundamental to socio-economic development. Security and Human Development

On this occasion, Samdech Techo Hun Sen shared some views on contributing to strengthening peace, security and human resource development. The following:

1) Continuing to promote a multilateral system and international order based on regulations aimed at strengthening and expanding cooperation in order to ensure the needs of the people. Security, security, security and stability can be achieved through fostering close dialogue, building trust and solving problems. Peaceful and peaceful region The cow stands on the report of the International Law as a rule.

2) Encourage a culture of interfaith dialogue to build mutual understanding, respect, trust, tolerance, and so on. And adherence to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries due to interference in internal affairs by other countries. Besides, it brings destruction and disaster The development of that country.

3) To strengthen the cooperation of globalization should ensure that the operational mechanism maintains an open and transparent spirit. Supporting the commercial business system, especially accelerating our social and economic connection to the development agenda. Each country will develop and achieve its required development Sustainable institutional and environmental data.

4) Promote development through an approach to identify the central human factor, especially in terms of development and strengthening social welfare system. It may be to improve the quality of education, improve the quality of life, reduce poverty and narrow the development gap in line with growth. Adapt to the steady and constant growth of society Related economic opportunities of society.

Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen hopes that this year's World Summit 2020 will stimulate discussion on the situation and challenges facing the country. The world is experiencing the present, especially in terms of peace and human development.

At the same time, Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen informed that Cambodia will host the Asia Europe Summit. Part 13 under the theme of "Multicultural Enhancement for Collective Growth", November 2020, aims to develop Powerful international consensus on the importance of the corporate framework In addressing the problems and challenges of the World. By: Flamingo