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While China is facing a serious challenge to the Kov-19 infection in February 2020, Samdech Techo Hun Sen became the first leader to travel to Beijing, leaving South Korea . The arduous journey is intended to provide Cambodia's support for China, considered by many to be China. A close friend of Cambodia.

The visit reflected Cambodia's loyalty and dedication to its friendship with China. It also permeated the hearts of Chinese and Chinese leaders who nicknamed Samdech Hun Sen as 'Man'. Traveler in reverse direction.

Now, as the threat of HIV-19 has spread in Cambodia, it's time for the Chinese greats to vent. Its own once. As of the night of March 24, Cambodia has found 87 cases of HIV-19 positive, causing Worried about the pervasive situation in Cambodia.

Without delay, China has dispatched seven specialists and much-needed equipment for anti-virus work. Kovid-19. The materials included 7,000 gloves, 58,000 surgical masks, 55,000 medical masks, N95 5,000 caps, 18,500 shoe covers, 1,300 shoes 1,300 T-Shirts, Safety Officers, 1,250 Medical Masks, 2,989 Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers 50 Rt, 2,280 safety goggles . On that page, it was written: "China, Cambodia is one" and fell in love with a good friend during difficult times.

China wants to make clear its heart of love for the country and its people
Cambodia. In China, a Foreign Ministry spokesman told reporters about China's strong commitment to China. Helping Cambodia to do its best in the fight against the Kov-19 virus.

"This is the time," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Soung in a press conference on March 23, 2020. China helps Cambodia again. “Now, at a time when Cambodia is facing the difficult task of curbing the spread of the deadly disease,” he said. Once again, China has made a commitment to help Cambodia do everything possible. Go.

With heartfelt support will make Cambodia even more comfortable in its fight against the HIV virus D-19. But even though Yana, fighting with these enemies is hard work and requires people all over the country to come together. It is possible to overcome the virus.

To prevent the spread of the virus from person to person, prevent the infection of human papilloma virus-19 With people who are not infected. But the hard thing is, it is unknown who has the HIV-19 virus because of the HIV virus. -19 Many of these have no symptoms and have not been tested for the virus.

If we can find them on time, we can treat and isolate the person. When we're not sure who has or who doesn't have the virus, countries in the world recommend it People do not hold meetings or stay in the house without leaving, unless it is absolutely necessary to secure it That it will never meet you with any virus.

All Cambodians must protect themselves through good hygiene and avoid unnecessary travel Unknowingly passing from person to person

Thailand has announced it will put the country in a state of emergency on Thursday as it seeks to curb austerity Kodi-19 virus spread. Thais are told not to travel to their homeland and stay where they are. If anyone commits this, it will be punished. Thailand also announced the closure of the country if necessary. Come back to Cambodia if we don't all want to see the state of the Kov-19 epidemic intensified Each must follow the instructions of the government and the Ministry of Health.

Each of us must protect ourselves and take responsibility for the spread of the HIV-19 virus.
Cambodians must increase their involvement and stay warm in the HIV-19 epidemic.
With the help of China and the shocking efforts of 16 million Cambodians, we hope we can overcome the virus This is