The Royal Government of Cambodia has been working with the Australian Government And partners in developing agricultural products processing industries and to attract more local and international investment.

The development of the sector is crucial as some of Cambodia's exported agricultural products are not processed locally. The collaboration will help create more value-added opportunities as well as create jobs in the agricultural sector, which accounts for 22% of the country's GDP. GDP.

To meet this challenge, Khmer Enterprise (Khmer Enterprise), an operator institution supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) together with And the Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program (CAVAC), the Australian Government's program to develop Cambodian agriculture with high vigor and competitiveness. With the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), a public university under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, is undertaking the project “Public Sector Cooperation Forum Private and research institutes ”aimed at providing financial and technical support to SMEs to promote agri-products. Fresh food sells in the market.

In this partnership, Cambodian entrepreneurs and CAVAC programs will provide raw material, technical and financial assistance to small and medium enterprises. Participate in this project. At the same time, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia will provide additional technical assistance, facilities, and facilities to support the development and processing of agricultural products. – This food. Small and Medium Enterprises interested in participating in this project should consult with Cambodian Institute of Technology to submit a proposal and send it to CAVAC app for review. If the proposal is selected, the successful SME will work with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia on product innovation and technology transfer. The project will start accepting applications from mid-June.

HE Pablo Kang, Ambassador of the Australian Embassy to Cambodia, said, “Boosting agricultural and food production is an important part of our engagement. The Australian Government's part in coping with the 19 polio crisis in Cambodia.

His Excellency Pablo Kang added: “The Australian Government through the CAVAC Program has supported the Cambodian agriculture sector for many years. . At the moment, the Australian Government is pleased to partner with Cambodian entrepreneurs and Cambodian Institute of Technology to build the foundation for a high quality food industry. In Cambodia, which will be produced by Cambodian SMEs. ”

“With the support of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodian entrepreneurs have the vision to become National Forum for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Cambodia. This project is one of the priority areas of Cambodian entrepreneurs: agricultural production. ”He added:“ Apart from supporting development. The processing of agri-food products, SMEs can also receive other support from Cambodian entrepreneurs such as capacity building and Joint venture opportunities. ”

His Excellency Dr. Imam Rany, Director, Institute of Technology of Cambodia, pointed out that the Institute's vision is to become one of the leading universities in Cambodia On higher education and technology transfer to support Cambodia's sustainable economic development. With this project, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia will use existing experimental equipment, including skills and technology for the development of agri-food products. To assist SMEs in the production of new agri-food products.

By: Beauty