Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Cambodian Ambassador to Cambodia Prak Sokhon says Cambodia has exemplified its success in managing the Global Epidemic Epidemic 19 and its ability to prevent Don't be spread under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen. But this success has received little attention from the international press in Cambodia.

The foreign minister said this in a forum on policy under the theme "Cambodia's lessons and experiences in the prevention of polio 19" organized At the Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations on Wednesday. The forum was held in collaboration with the Development Research Institute for Cambodia and the Asian Vision Institute.

The forum was attended by prominent speakers, Ms. Li Ailan, World Health Organization Representative Laurence Baril, President of the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia, Mrs. O Vandin Spokesman for the Ministry of Health and other senior government officials.

“From my point of view, it is about making the voice of Cambodia heard on the international stage. No country has the exclusive knowledge or truth. Health and climate crises are a clear indicator of this. That is why this first policy forum is designed to share the true experience of fighting the global epidemic of Ivory Coast. 19. "

“Cambodia has certainly provided a model of success in terms of global pandemic management and its capacity to contain,” said Prak Sokhon. The spread is based on the wise leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen, the accumulation of resources and assistance from friendly countries and international institutions, especially depending on Guidance from the World Health Organization. "We have no death cases involving Kov 19, not closed the country, just banned some activities.

Cambodia shows to the world that, despite this crisis, Cambodia has never forgotten the truth in humanitarian and human rights Not at all. As a "small country with a big heart," Cambodia has offered tests and treatment of the disease 19, regardless of citizenship Khmer or foreign. Cambodia also rescued 2,257 people on board the Westerdam cruise ship.

“I would like to clarify a phrase that my prime minister has said is that we can talk about human rights If the right to life is not respected, ”he said. The Post could not obtain the contents of this forum from the above institutes.