Phnom Penh: Mrs. O Vandin, Secretary of State and spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, said that a Cambodian-American woman escaped from the place of prostitution and now the authorities are searching for her to return to prostitution.

"He fled the scene of the massacre and his authorities are now searching for him," O Vandin told reporters at the Telegram on the afternoon of July 18, 2020.

She said authorities were looking for the woman back. She called on residents who saw the woman in the photo to immediately report it to local authorities for re-incarceration.

She explained that the Cambodian-American woman who fled the practice had left the United States to continue her flight to Korea, so she was among two US embassy officials in Cambodia who were diagnosed with Kovid 19. On July 16th.

He described that the woman was placed for surgery at a hotel in Phnom Penh, and she was normal last night, until the morning at 7 o'clock, the doctors gave him breakfast and monitor her health. Not seen in the room at all.