Phnom Penh: While the situation of the disease in 19 is easing in many countries around the world, Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon urged 26 countries, partners of the Belt and Road Initiative, to start searching. How and to ensure the means to create a favorable environment for economic recovery after the outbreak.

On 18 June, Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon attended a high-level meeting in the international cooperation framework of the Belt and Road Initiative on Combat Solidarity against the anti-cow-19 disease through video system. The meeting was initiated by the People's Republic of China, chaired by Wang Yi, China's State Counselor and Foreign Minister, and attended by ministers from 26 countries as partners of the Belt and Road Initiative.

"In the current context in which health sector pluralism is under attack, we should reaffirm our commitment to supporting the role of the World Health Organization," Prak Sokhon said. The World Health Organization must be adequately equipped to perform its normal mission. "While the situation of Kov-19 is easing in many parts of the world, now is the time to start figuring out and ensuring ways to create a favorable environment for economic recovery after the outbreak."

The Meeting recognized the need for international solidarity, multilateral cooperation and stronger mutual support to effectively address global epidemics and serious socio-economic impacts worldwide without Discrimination, bias, prejudice, and hatred. The meeting also extended its condolences to the many people who had died of Kov-19.

The Meeting recognized the central role of the UN system in promoting and coordinating the global response to the control and prevention of the epidemic of HIV-19, especially the key role of the World Health Organization.

At the video conference, Deputy Prime Minister Prak Sokhon informed about the successful campaign of the Royal Government of Cambodia in controlling the spread of the Kovirus-19 and Cambodia's contribution to the global effort.

The Deputy Prime Minister, along with other leaders, expressed his appreciation to the Chinese side for hosting this important meeting, which will establish an international commitment to overcome the current epidemic and promote Elevation of socioeconomic recovery after Kov-19.

The Meeting reaffirmed its commitment to further international cooperation in line with the spirit and principles set out in the Second Leadership Roundtable on the Belt and Road for International Cooperation In pursuit of high standards, people-centered and sustainable development. To build the Silk Road, the meeting emphasized the importance of timely information sharing and access and improving access to equitable and affordable health products, including vaccines that should be recognized as public goods. The universe.

The Meeting also discussed ways and means to promote connectivity and promote economic recovery through strengthening practical cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. By Khada