Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Pursuant to the UN Secretary-General's Guidance to Participate in the Prevention and Control of the Global Epidemic of HIV / AIDS Peacekeeping Force of Cambodia announces a moratorium on the transition of forces until new regulations from United Nations Nationals in late June.

Kosal Malinda, deputy director-general and spokeswoman for the Cambodian National Center for Peacekeeping, told the Post on Sunday that the shift to the peacekeeping force was “right. Annually conducted in accordance with the UN resolution plan annually. But for this year, the mandate for the shift of peacekeeping forces has been temporarily suspended to reduce the spread of the disease. 19

“At the same time, Cambodian Blue Helmets on overseas missions are also advised to prevent and protect from Also infected with polio 19.

According to Malinda, the current Cambodian army of Cambodian blue helmets is 787 under the umbrella of the United Nations. 76 women and divided into five divisions of the mission, including 1 South Sudan Republic, 1 Lebanon , One unit in Central Africa and one in Mali 2 units (one engineering unit and one unexploded ordnance detachment).

“Because of the Cambodian Blue Hat army, we have good discipline and good hygiene guidelines in line with According to WHO guidelines, so far, none of the Cambodian Blue Helmets have been reported as having been infected "No, that's 19."

On March 27, 2020, UN chief Antonio Guterres notices member countries joining the army to control the rotations. Round in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Secretary-General said that due to the change in military forces at home and abroad during the global pandemic was "a challenge." So strong, so the UN has decided to temporarily suspend the rotations or change the course.

Antonio Guterres explains: "The criteria are being developed to determine when the current changes will take place. . We are in close discussions with host countries and countries that contribute to the military and countries that contribute to the police force to overcome every challenge. The difficulty that exists today. ”

Even as UN peacekeepers adapt to the challenges posed by the coronavirus, they continue Carrying out their important security and security maintenance duties, while at the same time helping to prevent the spread of the epidemic 19 More ៕