Phnom Penh: Samkromk Kheng said The Royal Government of Cambodia strongly opposes this discrimination, whether it is our brothers, foreigners, or even foreigners who have the problem.

The disease has so far spread worldwide, and our country has seen an increase in the number of people infected with the virus. Also the Kov-19. And the Ministry of Interior has followed the principles of the Royal Government as well as the Government's specialty ministry. We have taken care to prevent this disease from the beginning.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Krasaing Kheng said this morning at the Ministry of Interior in the morning of Friday, March 20, 2020. Samdech led a meeting on measures to prevent the virus, known as Kovirovirus-19 (COVID-19).

In addition, he said that some national police schools have also been temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Samdech added that the virus, which has been transmitted from other countries through land, water, air and air traffic. Call on all civil servants and citizens to adhere to the principles of the Royal Government in order to protect themselves from the pandemic. Of the 19 confirmed cases of cholera in Cambodia.

Deputy Minister of Interior HE Sar Kheng Kheng said that the disease 19 has so far spread throughout the world, and for Cambodia we also have An increase in people with the disease. He said that the Ministry of Interior has been following the principles of the Royal Government and the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health, for the prevention of the disease. By instructing all the officials in the ministry to have clean, temperature-controlled measures – that, if unusual, heat is not allowed to attend the meeting Anything else.

He also said that internally, the ministry had also instructed in writing the hygiene safeguards in the office and for the various entities such as the unit The prison has also been charged to prevent the passage of prisoners. The prince added that temporary visits to detainees and new detainees were considered for their preparation. To prevent him from infecting other prisoners.

At the same time, Prince Kimseng Kheng also said that intervention teams, which are gathering forces, were also instructed to implement the measures. In addition, the ministry has instructed to close all training schools, including the six regional police training schools and the Police Academy. The Ministry of Interior has also set up a separate commission for the ministry and will work with the general staff and disseminate it to all staff members. In the Ministry of Interior.

The civil school training of local government officials was also suspended. In addition to the support of the local administration, the prince also issued guidelines for the distribution of flyers for distribution to commune, commune and township offices. Locally. At the same time, the prince also expressed his concern for the air, sea and waterways. He said the disease mainly entered Cambodia through air and sea ports, such as by ship from Vietnam.

In the past, there may have been questioning whether immigration police would allow them to enter the waterways or airspace. What? Samdech Hun Sen explains to the public that this is true because the immigration officials have not received any instructions from the Ministry of Health such as the policy 14 days apart. The prince said those found to have been infected by the Malay virus had entered Cambodia in early March.

In connection with land links with neighboring countries, the prince spoke of the measures taken by the Vietnamese side and the Cambodian side has put forward measures. The same thing. Nevertheless, the prince said that the exchange of goods was normal with problems only at Trapaing Phlong port but had already been resolved. Also. On the Lao side, there were no problems, but on the Thai side, he received unofficial information that Thailand could close the Oaks gate by the Ministry at Keep track.

Responding to questions from the media, Samkrank Kheng said that Cambodia has no new policy to ban foreigners from entering Cambodia other than Previously announced. Particularly related to the discrimination against Muslims who were diagnosed with HIV / AIDS 19 after a religious ceremony in Malaysia Sar Kheng said that the law and policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia strongly opposes discrimination, whether it is our Khmer brothers and even other foreigners who matter. Mm All maintenance.

Regarding the dissemination of information, he said that criticism or criticism based on facts is not wrong. In a democratic society like Cambodia, however, the posting of false information should not happen, especially in the context of the global context With the cholera epidemic Wick 19. "Those who still use fake news to poison society will face legal action," he said.

Regarding the closing of a special border crossing with Vietnam that could affect people's lives such as high commodity prices, Samdech Krom Kheng "Of course, we and the other countries facing the Kiev 19 are well aware," he said There is an impact, but the task ahead is to preserve life Citizens curb the epidemic of cholera 19 In particular, the Royal Government will try to resolve the situation.

The Royal Government of Cambodia has issued Directive No.1 of 15 March 2020 on measures to prevent and control the spread of disease. The 19th Ward in the Kingdom of Cambodia. At the same time, the Royal Government also issued a resolution of 29 pillars dated 18 March 2020 on the establishment of the National Committee for the Prevention of Tuberculosis 19 Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen presides over the presidency of the Ministry of Interior. Fight Goliath's 19 provinces, and has been actively involved in this work as well.

At the same time, the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization in Cambodia, including civil society organizations and development partners To cooperate closely in the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of cholera 19 in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Sarkozy