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PHNOM PENH – Senior officials of the Ministry of Health confirmed this morning on March 22, 2020, experts and teachers. Seven Chinese doctors will arrive in the country
Cambodia on Monday 23 March to assist Cambodia in the fight against the spread and spread of disease 19 Ivory Coast in Cambodia The arrival of Chinese experts and doctors tomorrow will make Cambodia the first country in Asia China is sending 19 anti-retroviral experts to help with the virus.

"I would like to inform the seven Chinese experts," said Her Excellency, Secretary of State and a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health. He will be coming to our Kingdom on Monday to provide guidance as well as Share your experience in fighting with the Hero COR 19.

At the same time, Lok Chum Teav also indicated that for the positive case of the HIV virus 19 in Cambodia as of night On March 21, there were 53 positive cases, but two of them were Chinese in Sihanoukville and British woman's case has been cured.

"On the other hand, she has been found to be positive for the HIV virus 19 besides Two patients, Chinese and British, who have recovered, have not seen any progress. Another thing to worry about. Now they are in good health and well. ” (Edited by: Bopha)