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Phnom Penh: Ministry of Health leaders again confirm that Cambodia has no fatalities due to Kov-19 As with no positive case, the virus has been infected for three consecutive weeks That cannot be ignored, as Cambodia remains cautious .

Addressing the Press Conference on the Update of COVID-19 in Cambodia in the morning of 4 May 2020 Cambodia currently has two Kovar-19 patients (one female and one male). A) Continued treatment at the Provincial Hospital .

The Minister confirmed that there are no new entry dates for Kov-19 cases in Cambodia from January Currently, there are 122 children, 38 women, and two continuing treatment, one woman and one man. However, the situation remains cautious, with a total of 5799 cases worldwide over a 24-hour period.

"No, you are dead, but the situation is on the alert, so be careful," he said Put the highest. ”