Gen. Meach Sophanna, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and chairman of the anti-counterfeit product committee, said that Cambodia is suffering from Kod-19 disease, and some lawbreakers have been importing and distributing medical equipment such as alcohol, gels, disinfectants. The country was clear to Cambodia, and the committee also suppressed it in time.

In the signing of the agreement with TMAI Import Export Co., Ltd on April 17, 2020, Ministry of Interior, Mech Sophanna said that in the situation of Kovid 19 Cambodia has also cracked down on counterfeit products, including alcohol gel. He said the committee would work to consolidate the crackdown when Kovid-19 was completed.

He said: "The spread of Kov-19, while globally as well as Cambodia, is having a difficult case of Ivory-19, some corrupt people have been importing and distributing alcoholic medical equipment. Gels and disinfectants without a clear source of quality without prior approval from the Ministry of competent institutions Released yet, and these actions are illegal acts that could adversely affect the health of our citizens.

At the same time, the counterfeit product committee also said that in order to prove that the company has the proper rules, it must be recognized and encouraged to continue its business activities. Citizens who do not yet have the proper rules must rush through to fill out a proper registration form so that their citizens access to quality products and services.

It should be highlighted that the Committee on Combating Counterfeit and Illegal Products has, in the past, carried out crackdowns and crackdowns on hundreds of tons of illicit products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer products and illicit goods. The suspects were arrested and detained in court for multiple criminal convictions People.

By: Eng Boucheng