Phnom Penh: The National Bank of Cambodia announces that Cambodia has international reserves todayUp to US $ 18 billion and can guarantee the import of goods and services in about seven months and high levels of international investment. Strengthen investor confidence in the resilience of the Cambodian economy.

Chea Chanto, governor of the National Bank of Cambodia, said at the annual seminar that Cambodia's economic growth has continued to grow at 7.1% with macroeconomic stability. The economy and finances remain strong despite facing some risks. Inflation is low and the exchange rate is relatively stable as the economy has seen strong growth in capital flows, which has driven the economy. Business investment and economic activities.

He added that international reserves have continued to accumulate at a high level, contributing to confidence in the resilience of the Cambodian economy. . The banking sector is in good health and has contributed significantly to the financial advancement of the economy, improving living conditions and reducing poverty. The poor of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the banking system has been steadily improving as the financial technology has evolved. Very soon, especially in the payment system, which makes financial services obsolete Financials are easier, more secure, and more efficient. Thank you for the peace that has ensured sustainable development and prosperity in all sectors and strengthened democracy and freedom. The Cambodian people.

In the briefing of Mr. Khiev Vuthy, Deputy Director General of Technical, National Bank of Cambodia, at the Annual Meeting By 2019 and the National Bank of Cambodia (2010) target that Cambodia's economy will grow 7.1% by 2019 Supported mainly by tourism, construction and tourism, while the industry The plastics feel national growth figures.

Inflation is at 1.9% lower than in 2018 (2.5%) due to continued inflation
Food groups occupy 1.9% with the largest proportion of concurrent use baskets
Fuel prices and services fell 1.2%.
Core inflation accelerated to 2.6%, driven by rising restaurant costs
And the beverage and alcohol groups.

The exchange rate has remained stable at 4,065 riels per US dollar from last year.
(4.051) In areas where the value of the riel fluctuates slightly, depending on seasonality, especially
Growth is required for the tax Riel.
The foreign exchange market intervention has more than doubled its size in 2018.
International reserves increase by about $ 18 billion and can guarantee imports of goods and services for approximately seven months.
The high level of international pressure has strengthened investors' confidence in the resilience of the Cambodian economy.
Increasing financial inclusion, client accounts in the banking and financial sector (million accounts for the years 2016, 2017 and 2015) 9).
Banking, microfinance and microfinance accounts for 7.5 million accounts
Loans provided by banks and microfinance institutions cover approximately 3 million accounts
The financial leasing company has provided loans to 102,000 clients. Rural Credit Facility provides loans to approximately 194,000 clients.
In financial year, the financial stability of Cambodia continues to improve, with strong growth in supportive economic activities of Cambodia. By increasing domestic demand and exports.
Indicators of the stability of the sector include the adequacy of credit adequacy, the low levels of non-performing loans. Profitability and profitability.

Chea Chanto, governor of the National Bank of Cambodia, confirmed that the conference was organized with the aim of congratulating and disseminating widely the results of the work. The National Bank of Cambodia achieved in 2015 and the working targets for the year 2020 to continue to achieve More updates for the insurance system As well as the Cambodian Economic whole. By: Columbus