Angel really has eyes! Now Cambodia has received justice. The 83-year-old American woman, who was aboard the Westerdam, which has been claimed by authorities in Malaysia, has been infected with the Coronavirus, or Covid-19.
According to a report in Singapore's The Straits Times on February 21, the announcement was made after a meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Wen Azizah Ismail, who is the wife of Covid-19, the wife of Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister. Former leader Ibrahim Anwar is waiting to become the world's longest-serving prime minister.

Although Malaysia has claimed that American women do not have covid-19 viruses that are more likely to indirectly claim to be cured, such declarations are only intended to mask their disfigurement because of the fact that Many doubts have been raised over the claims. “Why is it that the woman was healed so quickly that it wasn't even a week? ».
The announcement that American women did not have the Covid-19 virus came after a high-level meeting of the Covid-19 committee that could be concluded as a meeting to review the case of a woman. The American, following the request from the Cambodian side, is also believed to have the same request from the World Health Organization and the US side, because both It has worked closely with the Ministry of the checks of passengers aboard the Westerdam.

In fact, the irregularity of the information has been the case since the Malaysian authorities announced that the woman was infected with the Covid-19 virus. However, while out of Cambodia, the woman was perfectly healthy and did not carry the virus. Immediately arrived in Malaysia, it was reported that he was infected with the Covid-19 virus. Another question is: Why is the woman's husband, 85, living together until he is free from the virus? No more than 2,000 people on board were carrying the virus.

Given this skepticism, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has repeatedly demanded Malaysian authorities to review the case.

I understand that Hun Sen's demands are not
Finding justice for himself, but also for justice for the people of Cambodia as well as for the country as a whole, and especially for the justice of the more than 2,000 sailors because of the announcement that American women One person with the virus Covid-19 not only affects the face of Cambodia, WHO and face Not only did the United States health team, but the unfortunate news also made them feel uncomfortable and especially hurt them because they discriminated against them. The inability to return to his hometown, reunite with his family, and to continue his work on time due to prejudice Arises from the unfortunate news from Malaysia.

At this point, one should blame the Malaysian health authorities for being lazy and irresponsible.
On the other hand, this was suspected by some officials in the Malaysian government from the opposition. And most notably, the one who came out of the news was the wife of former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who had gone into government to work in a lazy, irresponsible job. Or there could be any evil intent. Based on this false claim, the Cambodian opposition also used this unfortunate news to scare the people and inflict on Hun Sen, as well as the entire Cambodian health system, in an attempt to undermine the popularity of the Khmer Rouge. Prime Minister Hun Sen.

But in the end, the angels really do have eyes, and justice really does! It is an urgent justice that Cambodia must receive because this great humanitarian act cannot be misused for any evil purpose. The legacy of the Khmer ancestors traced this story and helped to protect the goodwill of the people, which brought great honor and made Cambodia famous internationally. Prime Minister Hun Sen himself, who took a decisive step in the humanitarian spirit by allowing Westerdam to dock, not only made
People in the world know that "Cambodia is a small, poor country, but with the heart and mind to help the ocean,"
Of "non-discrimination of any nation."

Now, the unfortunate news has been shattered after the latest news confirmed that the 83-year-old American woman did not have the Covid-19 virus. This information really provided justice to the people of Cambodia, to the Cambodian health system, as well as to Prime Minister Hun Sen's efforts for a massive humanitarian and humanitarian crisis.

By: Politics Monitor Coffee Table