Phnom Penh: Report of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries In the first seven months of 2020, Cambodia exported about 2.6 million tons of agricultural products to foreign markets. These agricultural products include more than 100,000 tons of rice exported to China, more than 100,000 tons to Europe, more than 50,000 tons to ASEAN and exported to Other countries more than 60,000 tons.

More than 1 million tons of dried cassava and more than 400,000 tons of fresh cassava were exported to Thailand and Vietnam. More than 10,000 tons of cassava flour exported to India, China, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Pakistan and the Republic Czech. More than 7,000 tons of cassava waste exported to China

According to the report, nearly 200,000 cashew nuts were exported to Vietnam, Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. , France and Korea. More than 100,000 tons of corn kernels are exported to Thailand, Korea and Taiwan. More than 3,000 tons of beans are exported to Taiwan and Vietnam. More than 100,000 tons of fresh bananas are exported to China, Vietnam and Japan. More than 10,000 tons of grapefruit exported to Thailand. More than 40,000 tons of mangoes are exported to Thailand, Vietnam, France, Russia, Korea and Hong Kong. More than 4,000 tons of mangoes are exported to China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. More than 30,000 tons of palm oil are exported to Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, China, Switzerland and Pakistan. More than 3,000 tons of pepper exported to Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam, America, Russia, England, India, Belarus, Korea, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

More than 4,000 tons of tobacco are exported to Vietnam, Greece, Belgium, Indonesia and Hungary. More than 73.85 tons of vegetables are exported to France, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. More than 2,000 tons of sweet potatoes, more than 40,000 tons of fresh pepper, more than 1,000 tons of dried peppers exported to Thailand and other products More than 40,000 tons.