The Ministry of Agriculture says the export of agricultural products Over the past five months, the ministry has seen an improvement on cassava flour. The total export volume reached 3,241,529 tons.

The following are the main products: 1) rice reached 388,827 tons to 55 countries. 2) Rice reached 946,651 tons to Vietnam (unofficial) 3) All cashews reached 193,200 tonnes to Vietnam, Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. 4) Fresh banana reached 129 6662 tons to China, Vietnam and Japan. 5) grapefruit grapefruit reached 9,900 tonnes to Thailand. 6) Mango production reached 4,030 tons to China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam. 7) Cassava starch reached 11,096 tonnes to India, China, Belgium and Italy. 8) 45,899 tons of fresh mango to Thailand, Vietnam, France, Russia, Korea and Hong Kong. 9) 2 796 tons of pepper to Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam, USA, Russia, England, India, Belarus, Korea, Czech, New Zealand and Australia.

Separately, a report by the General Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries states that as of June 17, 2020, rainy season rice crop nationwide Achieved 1,376,458 hectares, or 53.18% of the 2,588,130 hectares of rice plans: 491,090 hectares of paddy rice, 594,922 hectares of rice, 247 413 hectares of heavy rice 163 hectares of rice paddies, 11,717 hectares of rice paddies, 31 316 hectares of rice paddies.

In particular, the industrial crop achieved 554,151 hectares equivalent to the plan of 875 200 hectares: 78,336 hectares of red corn, 438 217 hectares of cassava, 13,526 hectares of soybeans 3,290 hectares of rice, 1, 231 hectares of soybeans and 9,977 hectares of sugarcane.