The Cambodian Rice Federation on July 2 said The Kingdom exported 397,660 tons of rice in the first six months of this year, an increase of 41% over the same period. In 2019, the country exported only 281,538 tonnes. The country earned over US $ 264 million.

China controls 37% of Cambodia's total rice export market in the first half of 2020 The total volume is 147,949 tons. European markets, including Britain, still play an important role after China, which accounted for 34% of the market, accounting for 135,576 tonnes, France. The largest importer, 5175 tons. ASEAN countries accounted for 13% of the market, accounting for 52,987 tonnes, with Malaysia being the largest market. The volume was 21,904 tons and the other target markets were 16% to 61,148 tons, including Gabon and countries. Australia is a key leader.

Of the rice exported in the first six months of this year, fragrant rice accounted for 77% of the volume, with 306,786 tonnes, the increase being An increase of 33% over the same period in 2019; In particular, rice and rice accounted for 23% of total exports, an increase of almost 80% over the period. At the same time in 2019 due to high demand for this type of rice in the circumstances, the spread of the CAVV 19 is the most common type of rice. Affordable.

Moreover, for the June 2020 market, Cambodia exports 13,566 tons of rice to the European Union, or 33% of Cambodia's export market. China imports over 11,124 tonnes of Cambodian rice, or 27% of Cambodia's rice export, ASEAN and other target markets Another 40%, or 16,873 tonnes.

As for the export price, the average fragrant rice is $ 900 and the average fragrant is $ 760. Soft white rice costs an average of $ 520. Overall, Cambodia's rice export revenue for June 2020 is approximately $ 23.7 million. ៕

By: Kolab