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PHNOM PENH – Ministry of Health officials in a press conference on the “Ministry of Health's progress and pneumonia update. Caused by New Coronavirus Virus »at the Council of Ministers this morning.

Her Excellency Ok Vandin, Secretary of State and spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, said this was not the case As the ministry got ready, there was a heat scanner at the Phnom Penh International Port, Preah Sihanouk International Airport Sihanoukville International Airport with Siem Reap Providing Medical Equipment Corridor doctors stationed there.

Symptoms of the disease include fever above 38 C, coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath. Your Excellency calls on health precautions, but do not go to the area where the outbreak is suspected or if the fever goes away Check your health before traveling abroad, do not go to crowded areas and do not touch animals.

However, the Ministry of Health still considers the disease to remain vigilant, instructing the health department to monitor it The disease is planned to put heaters in Poipet, Bavet, and Canal.

"Drink plenty of water, eat alan, cook, keep clean, wash hands, and wash hands with masks," the health ministry said. Hands go numb when coughing.

According to the World Health Organization, there have been four reported cases in Thailand so far this year in Japan One in Korea and one in the United States – all of whom have a history of going out – to Wu Han China, while in China, has nine deaths. Edit: children)