Phnom Penh: Occupational safety and occupational healthEmployees' work, such as in factories, enterprises and construction sites, has been observed to continue. After the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially through the Ministry of Labor.

The outbreak of Kovirus 19 in 2020 is also being considered by stakeholders to consider safety in the workplace. Yes. This year's Cyber ​​Video Conference marks the fifth year that the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has celebrated World Day for Health and Employment safety in collaboration with ILO through the Better Factories Cambodia (ILO-BFC) project and the promotion of health standards and Employment Safety in Construction The ILO-OSH) aims to urge all parties involved to prepare a response plan and measures necessary to prevent the spread of the disease. At work.

According to the Strategic Development Plan for the Employment and Vocational Training Program, 2019-2023, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training is continuing to promote this focus. In addition to the occupational safety and health sector, the ministry has achieved many important results, including the implementation of the program Plan Second edition of Occupational Safety and Health 2018-2022, a roadmap for the development of occupational safety and health in the country Cambodia, Cambodia continues to cooperate with the ILO / OSH Project's work safety standards:
– Continue to formulate national health and safety policies and national occupational health and safety information sheets
– Examining the implementation of the Second Master Plan on Occupational Health and Safety (2018-2022)
– Creating checklists on how to work in large and medium construction sites
– Additional trainers training on WISCON.

In addition, the Ministry of Labor has renewed the mechanism of the National Labor Safety and Health Committee to coordinate and provide recommendations to strengthen the national occupational safety and health management system and enterprises. Establishments.
– Improved efficiency and quality of labor inspection system through improvement of labor inspection report, capacity building of inspectors Further work inspections into the construction, brick and mortar sectors
– Launched the 2019-2023 Employment and Career Development Strategic Plan, where occupational safety and health are in program 1 " Development of working conditions and the harmonization of industrial relations ”, which provides strategic opportunities to improve labor safety and health conditions, in particular Developing occupational safety and health laws, encouraging and encouraging enterprises, establishments to comply with core occupational safety standards and occupational health.
– Cooperated with the Korea National Occupational Health and Safety Agency to begin the study and draft of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.