The Ministry of Foreign Affairs And international cooperation Through a representative office abroad Always focus on coordination Provide protection And supporting Cambodians abroad Particularly in the circumstances of the epidemic19

Since the outbreak of cholera19 Come By the end of May 2020 The Cambodian embassy has sponsored a bottle of alcohol Foodstuffs And budget Directly and through collaboration with charities To the Cambodian people in particular LaborThe maid And Cambodian students abroad More than 20 numbers.000 people Which includes In Thailand (More than five.000 People) Republic of Korea (More than five.000 people) Malaysia (2.145 families) Japan (One number.289 people) Egypt (110 people) Singapore (54 people) Vietnam (51 of them) And in other countries as well.

In a similar spirit Throughout the past May The embassy continued to intervene in the rescue And the repatriation of Cambodian citizens Victimized by trafficking People And other labor violations abroad There were 392 From Thailand Vietnam And China