Phnom Penh: General Ke Kim Yan, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Authority for Combating Drugs, reaffirmed that Cambodia continues to suffer from the adverse effects and threats of drug trafficking and influx by land and sea. By air and by post, etc.

In a meeting on the results of drug control for the first half of the year and the direction of the second half of 2020 on Friday morning, July 24, 2020, Mr. Ke Kim Yan said, "In a situation where the production of drug trafficking in the world. He and the region are constantly changing, the tricks of the criminal gangs are becoming more complex, making Cambodia continue to suffer from the devastating effects and threats of transit and drug smuggling by land. "Waterways, airways and postal delivery, including drug production attempts and the spread of drug use from urban to remote areas."

He stressed that in the first half of 2020, along with the strict implementation of measures to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 disease, the implementation of the 5th plan to fight against illegal drugs has been actively implemented. The five key measures have achieved remarkable results.

"This clearly shows that despite the efforts of the drug authorities, they continue to face new and legitimate issues that require continued effort," he said. More. By: Eng Bou Chheng