Vienna Austria: The National Authority for Combating Drugs has declared Cambodia urges UN to continue to pay more attention to regional countries to tackle drug problems in the Triangle region Gold.

From March 2 to 6, 2020, with an invitation from the UNODC, the Cambodian Anti-Graft Authorities sent a Lieutenant General. Mr. Yuthy, Deputy Secretary General of the National Anti-Narcotics Authority, attended the 63rd Meeting of the Committee on Narcotics The United Nations has been charged with drug addiction Crimes UNODC, held in Vienna, Austria.

The 63rd meeting was split into two parts: Plenary And 2. Side Events.

1. The plenary session was attended by the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister, the representatives of the anti-graft organizations of the member countries. Many have intervened, reflecting political will and their country's efforts to fight the Khmer Rouge. Subject to sub-standard provisions Certification and Protocol of the Organization of the United Nations on the drug, and in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization World. Also, some representatives of countries also share the current situation in their own country. In the region and in the world, especially in the growing use of new drugs, affects the nervous system. (NPS).
Si Si Events is a small group discussion on a wide range of topics (more than 100 topics) and product fairs. From the field of anti-graft work in all fields (on law enforcement, outreach, education, treatment and rehabilitation, development Specialize in Experimental Laboratory for Drug Addiction Technical research, social security and welfare will be relevant. The drug problem.

Moreover, the General also informed that the Side Event was to discuss the mechanism and The Greater Mekong Sub-region's anti-drug efforts. Also in the program, a courtesy call on Ghada Fathi Waly, UNODC Executive Director, UNHCR informed the participants. Informs and informs her of the current situation in Cambodia and the efforts the Royal Government has put forward. There are many measures, including The ongoing campaign against illegal drugs has started since 2017 and has asked UNOD C to continue to focus and support More regional countries to address and prevent issues in the triangle region: