Cambodia and Vietnam continue to co-manage border line and resolve issues on the basis of mutual respect, independence and sovereignty.

The cooperation continues after Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Kram Kheng Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, and Lieutenant General Tom Lom, Minister of Police of Vietnam on January 18 jointly signed the 2020 Cooperation Plan. Framework of bilateral cooperation.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Interior on January 19, 2020, "Cambodia and Vietnam continue to co-manage border lines and resolve issues peacefully on the principle of respect for independence and sovereignty." Each other. ”

In addition, Cambodia and Vietnam continue to take serious measures to prevent and curb all transnational crimes, especially drug offenses, forestry and natural resources crime in the border provinces and in some areas Geographically complicated and urged to take drastic measures to prevent and suppress illegal cross-border smuggling.

In addition, Cambodia and Vietnam highly value achievements through good cooperation achieved in 2019: exchanging information, safeguarding senior leaders, combating transnational crime, reviewing Healing, human resources training and mutual support of technical equipment Use security, social security and public order work.

At the same time, the two sides also praised and appreciated the cooperation between the police forces in the border provinces of the two countries for their close cooperation and maintaining the security environment along the border. Contribute to favorable conditions for people to live in the two countries.

It is reminded that Samdech Kheng led a high-level delegation of the Ministry of Interior to visit Vietnam from January 17 to 19, 2020.
Lead the meeting to review the results of 2019 cooperation and sign the 2020 cooperation plan with counterparts of the Ministry of Police of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. By: Eng Boucheng