The Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia and Thailand have expressed their commitment to strengthen trade cooperation, especially in border trade between the two countries. Two even stronger. That's according to the Ministry of Commerce's Facebook page.

At the inauguration of the "Thab Thai Thai Exhibition 2020" at Diamond Island Conference Hall on February 7, Cambodia Minister of Commerce Pan Jorin Lakasawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, said. “Cambodia and Thailand have shown a strong commitment to strengthen trade cooperation More, especially in border provinces.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Pan So Sambath said, the realization of bilateral trade growth and progress can be made because Cambodia is fully peaceful, and Cambodians are happy to grow and have the right to freedom. Doing business and investing in what they want to do.

The Commerce Minister said that the "Thabat Thai Exhibition 2020" boasts 300 booths that display a wide range of food, clothing, cosmetics and accessories, all of which are high quality Thai products. Popular ៕

By: Eng Boucheng