Phnom Penh: Cambodia's Minister of Tourism and Minister of Environment and Tourism Mongolia agreesTalks on the possibility of connecting direct flights between Phnom Penh and the capital, Ulaabutur, and agreed on a memorandum of understanding. Understanding Tourism Cooperation and Commitment to Enhance Tourism Cooperation with each other to promote tourism flows between the two countries Mutual

Tourism Minister Thong Khon meets with Mongolia Tourism and Tourism Minister Tserenbat Namsrai at the Ministry of Tourism Tourism in the evening of January 28, 2020.

On the occasion, Minister Thong Khon expressed the continuing development of tourism in accordance with the principle of Cambodia's sustainability, especially the development of ecotourism and community tourism in line with the policy. Eco-Tourism 2019-2030 under an inter-ministerial working mechanism that will contribute to improving the lives of local people as well as contributing Heinrich the sustainable development goals of the 17 United Nations.

The Minister of Mongolia also praised the progress of Cambodia, especially the continuous growth of tourism and supported There should be cooperation between the two countries on tourism.

In that step
The two sides agreed to establish a memorandum of understanding on tourism cooperation between the two countries.

1) Promote shared experience and development on tourism, cultural heritage, urban and rural tourism, eco-tourism, community tourism, religious tourism, etc.

Exchange visits and official visits to the private sector, media and national tourism officials to promote cultural understanding and international tourism destinations. Both.

3. Discuss the possibility of direct flights between the two countries.

4. Encourage mutual support in organizing tourism events by encouraging the private and public to participate in tourism events organized by each country.

Recall that Cambodia and Mongolia first established diplomatic relations in 1960, and after Cambodia experienced a dark period. The two re-established diplomatic relations in 1979, supporting each other internationally. By: Wisdom