Phnom Penh: Friday morning, March 6, 2020, the King of Cambodia Krasa Kheng Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs arrives at Phnom Penh International Airport after a three-day visit to Cambodia Vientiane capital, Lao People's Democratic Republic

The visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia at the invitation of HE Gen. Kram Kham Feng, Minister of Security The Lao People's Democratic Republic to co-chairmen the meeting to review, evaluate, and implement the minutes of cooperation in 2019; Note 2020 on cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Public Security, Laos.

Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister HE Sar Kheng Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia and HE Lieutenant General La Kham Feng, Minister of Public Security of Laos highly appreciated Outstanding achievements achieved through the implementation of the minutes of cooperation between the two ministries, including exchanges of visits Boundary provincial authorities and delegates of relevant agencies at the Ministry of Labor, Human Resource Training and Crime Prevention Cooperation Along the border, especially drug offenses.

The two sides strengthen close cooperation between the provincial authorities and the competent forces of the two border provinces in maintaining the security environment The border line well contributes to improving people's living conditions, serving social development and interests. No. Back and forth of the people of the two countries, Cambodia, Laos.

On that occasion, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation for 2020 and agreed to continue to undertake some important work. These include continuing to push the border authorities of the two countries to cooperate in facilitating cross-border access and trade exchanges. Interact with the needs of the development and improvement of the livelihoods of the people living in the border areas For the people in a timely, peaceful and understanding manner.

The two sides will continue to take strong measures to prevent and curb transnational drug trafficking in the two countries, and to exchange information and experiences to In particular, drug offenses, in particular, promote the establishment of border villages and schools and drug-free schools in the border areas, and continue to take drastic measures to Blocking and Arrests illegal border crossings, and continues border management cooperation, and cooperates in resolving various issues peacefully on the principle of respect for independence; Mutual sovereignty.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister HE Krashen Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, invited General HE La Kham Feng, Minister of Public Security of Laos, to lead a high-level delegation. Get a working visit to Phnom Penh, the Kingdom of Cambodia, at the appropriate time for a meeting to review the results of implementation Co-operation in 2020 and the 2021 cooperation agreement signed between the two ministries.

Also, during his visit to Vientiane, Samdech Krasch Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, led the delegation. Courtesy call and Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Saul, Prime Minister of the Lao People's Democratic Republic

He also mentioned the good relations between Cambodia and Laos through frequent exchanges of visits between the leaders. The two countries have contributed to strengthening the solidarity, friendship and closer cooperation in the fields of economics, politics and security. .
During the meeting, both sides noted the importance of cooperation between the border provinces and the police forces of both countries. Indispensable to the security of the nation and the people, especially the prevention and suppression of all kinds of transnational crimes aimed at development Economy Technical and sustainable societies of the two countries. By: Sarkozy